36″ Hand Crafted “Staggered” Display Bookshelf


A towering mid century style bookshelf, handcrafted in California.
Eye catching design with openings that vary in clearance from the bottom to the top 13″ 12″ 11″ 10″
For stability purposes, only the bottom 13″ shelves fit records, heavier books recommended to be on the inside of the shelves or bottom shelf.
Excellent craftsmanship handmade of solid and walnut veneer, wood grain may vary.
Features 2 bottom drawers with a minimalist brass pulls

DIMENSIONS 36″ 12″ D 63″ H EACH*

The natural wood tones and grain may vary

Allow 6-8 weeks for all custom pieces to be handcrafted

Shipping takes 2-3 weeks, depending on location

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